Every Day is Valentine's Day..

When You Get Lucky!

If you'd like to enhance your sex life with an all-natural personal lubricant, try Get Lucky Candies.

Coconut Oil as a Personal Lubricant

As a woman, I find Coconut Oil much more lubricating, long lasting, healthy and enjoyable than any other personal lubricant I've tried. My lover agrees. Super slippery, Coconut Oil is long lasting, has a light Coconut flavor and a delicious Coconut scent. It's inviting and edible!

Vitamin E is Recommended for Vaginal Dryness

While Vitamin E is widely-recommended for atrophic vaginitis and vaginal dryness, Vitamin E capsules (even those prescribed for vaginal dryness) contain other additives that can cause yeast infections and/or contain soy.

Get Lucky Candies

Using ingredients I trust and making my own Get Lucky Candies (Coconut Oil and Vitamin E vaginal suppositories) is the solution I've been looking for! Slip a Get Lucky Candy in at bedtime as part of a Daily Healthy Routine for every woman's Lady Parts, enjoy Playtime, and "Have Your Cookies" ((giggle)), with a partner or your own!

Have Your Cookies, Yum!

Love the smell of toasted Coconut? How about Coconut Macaroons? Coconut Oil smells and tastes good, encourages foreplay, and works great as a massage oil before or after sex.

100% Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is all-natural with no additives, is edible, healthy and good for my vagina. NOW Foods Sun-E Liquid is all-natural Vitamin E in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with no additives and no capsule. If you'd like to enhance your sex life with an all-natural personal lubricant, I invite you to make your own Get Lucky Candies.


Get Lucky!
Get Lucky!