Get Lucky Candies

For some time now, I've been making Get Lucky Candies for my own use. You can too! I create little Candies (mini vaginal suppositories in fun shapes) which I keep in my refrigerator. Use Coconut Oil on its own or add essential oils (lavender is soothing) and/or Vitamin E to create a wonderful daily vaginal moisturizer. Slip one Candy in at bedtime and Get Lucky.

Daily Healthy Routine

  • Exercise at least 20 minutes each day
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • Use sunscreen on your face and body
  • Apply a little eye cream under your eyes
  • Maybe add a little moisturizer on your neck, hands and feet
  • For all the Ladies, Get Lucky Candies at bedtime, as a daily healthy moisturizer for her Lady Parts
  • And Play! Have Your Cookies with a partner or on own (or both)

Women of All Ages Are Hot

Women are fun, playful, sexual, sensual beings. As humans, we must protect and moisturize our skin. For a woman, her vagina needs daily attention and moisture as well.

Get Lucky Candies = Healthy Lady Parts = More Cookies
More Playful = More Sexy = More Cookies = More Fun!

Let's Get Lucky

Have some fun and make your own Candies (you too, fellas).


  1. Heart Shaped Candy Silicone Mold (50 hearts)
  2. PYREX 100ml Glass Beaker


  1. 100% Organic, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  2. NOW Foods Sun-E Liquid
  3. NOW Foods Natural Vanilla (In Jojoba Oil)
  4. NOW Foods Organic Essential Oils Lavender
  5. NOW Foods Organic Essential Oils Orange


  1. Wash the silicone mold in hot soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry completely before use.
  2. Place several teaspoons full of Coconut Oil in a small glass beaker (or measuring cup with spout) and suspend beaker in a larger bowl of warm water (hot/warm tap water will do) until the Coconut Oil becomes a liquid. While Coconut Oil on its own is lovely, you might like to mix in Vitamin E and/or a few drops of essential oil (lavender is soothing).
  3. Once the Coconut Oil is fully melted, stir and pour into candy mold and refrigerate for just a few minutes to become solid. Once candies are solid, you can pop them out of the silicone mold easily.

I insert one Candy per day at bedtime, either with my partner or on my own. Play with it to see how many Candies work best for you and how often you Get Lucky!

One advantage of our small Candy size is that you can easily control the amount you use.

Get Lucky!
Get Lucky!